1803 http://www.mdcccii.com/bjou A COSMAC 1802 CPU RetroComputing b'jou Wed, 08 Nov 2017 02:53:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8.3 Rediscovering History’s Lost First Female Video Game Designer http://www.mdcccii.com/bjou/2017/11/08/rediscovering-historys-lost-first-female-video-game-designer/ http://www.mdcccii.com/bjou/2017/11/08/rediscovering-historys-lost-first-female-video-game-designer/#respond Wed, 08 Nov 2017 02:52:21 +0000 http://www.mdcccii.com/bjou/?p=23 Read More]]> This is a really nice article by Benj Edwards about Joyce Weisbecker, daughter of 1802 CPU creator Joseph Weisbecker. She is arguably the first female video game designer and programmer. It’s a good read and will be of interest to anyone interested in the 1802. (even to this day I am somewhat jealous of her opportunity and experience at the time)


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60 GB 1802 Digital Archive, Other Content, & Problematic Issues http://www.mdcccii.com/bjou/2017/10/19/60-gb-1802-digital-archive-other-content-problematic-issues/ http://www.mdcccii.com/bjou/2017/10/19/60-gb-1802-digital-archive-other-content-problematic-issues/#respond Thu, 19 Oct 2017 12:05:58 +0000 http://www.mdcccii.com/bjou/?p=14 Read More]]> Read it… and weep. (or don’t bother reading this – whatever)

My 1802 Digital Archive is at about 60 GB now. (and growing… 99% +/- 1802-based – occasionally some general CRAV Computing information sneaks in — the information consists of images, HTML web page snapshots, PDF and other documents, relevant historical information, etc…..)

And you can’t have it, apparently. (due to ‘copyright’ issues, and complaints by a few ‘questionable’ people regarding the same, whose content actually typically tends to tend toward ‘crap’)

However, I have left instructions with ‘anonymous’ individuals (plural) that The Archive be publicly published upon my death. My Posthumous Manifesto.

So, no worries, it won’t be lost forever. (as so much, as much too much, has been, over time, never to be regained or recovered — which is partly why I am creating this archive and doing all of this, which takes way too many hours of blood, sweat and tears – luckily, I usually enjoy doing it — and, imo, it is very important work)

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I fancy myself a CRAV Computing (Classic / Retro / Antique / Vintage) hobbyist, enthusiast, and collector, and a lay-researcher, historical archivist and information preservationist as it pertains to CRAV Computing, particularly focusing on the RCA COSMAC CDP1802 microprocessor. (anything and everything 1802)

Anyway, at the time of my passing on, may it not be too soon, if certain people want to complain about my (posthumous) actions, as they have done in the past, they can pound sand and scream into the wind. I luckily won’t be around to have to ‘listen’ to and deal with their severe, petty asininity.

It’s more important that the information not be lost to the world or the 1802 community. (personally, I would prefer more people were more community-oriented and supportive, or maybe less people less so — as usual, it’s unfortunate that a few less-than-good men (harsh? maybe – or not) have to ruin it for everyone else – a few rotten apples always have to do their best to spoil the rest of the barrel — names unmentioned here, but they, I, and others, know who they are)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to selectively remove or extract certain content from The Archive, mostly because if you do it for one or a few people, you need to contact everyone and ask them and get permission, etc., which is literally impossible. So here we are. I apologize to people, for those other people, even though that is not my fault, and for the black-fact that I can’t share all of the very interesting, enjoyable, and valuable information contained in The Archive. (the last shitstorm public sharing was, I believe, about 7 GBs, a few years ago — although I removed the archive file, since then someone else has published it, and you can find it with a web search if you are interested)

But it is all my fault, of course, as I’m sure some people think, for “rocking the boat”, and calling people on their shit. People usually don’t like to be called on their shit, and some people don’t like other people being called on their shit, in general, or because they are “friends”, etc. Typically, there is a lot of high school, if not grammar school, clique-ish behavior, and the like, among certain kinds of people. Who, as I mentioned, either intentionally, or effectively, have to ruin it for others. No good deed goes unpunished. And too many ‘bad’ deeds often go unpunished. (may I outlive all of ‘them’ – that would be a ‘win’, of sorts – and there is actually a good chance that that may occur — however, there will always be people to step into their shoes and act similarly, if not worse)

Also, there are other unfortunate people who, given some power as moderators and the like (and owners) of “discussion” forums, who act like powerless power-hungry mini-Hitlers, mini-Nazis, and mini-Napoleons. These people have a long, long history of acting this way, giving “friends” special dispensation to act out negatively, while (usually unnecessarily) censuring and censoring others. Which is why all of my future findings and discoveries will be published here now, where I can control the content and publication. (without interference from these also-questionable few – although there are always way too many of them – that will also never change)

Similarly, there are other idiots messing around with the RCA 1802 Wikipedia page (and related pages), savaging it/them, and attempting to ruin it. That is how Wikipedia works. (the worst parts of it) I spent many. many hours of research and work on that page, so it was mostly my content, and I have decided to abandon Wikipedia, and publish all of the pertinent information on my website, where I can control it. (and keep it out of the paws of pablum-smeared idiocy and unfortunateness that we just can’t seem to get away from)

Most likely, all of “those people” are Trump supporters, no doubt. Those people are the kind of people who tend to act that way. It is in their nature. It is who and what they are and choose to be, fundaMentally [sicK]. (hopefully the last ‘political statement’ made here-’bouts)

I find it so very unfortunate that all ‘this’ is the case and status quo. (and that I “have to” start out my web journal foray in this manner and addressing these issues – but at least it is out of the way and behind me now and I can move forward with a dirty clean slate)

One of my favorite ‘lines’ is way too apropos here: This Much Concentrated Sadness Is Claustrophobic.

And, yet, I persevere. (Count On It)

I’m still deciding what I want to do with my 1802 collection, which is probably worth about maybe a few thousand dollars or so now. And probably increasing in price over time. It contains a few to several select items, at least one or two pretty rare, one maybe one-of-a-kind (-ish). And mostly more common-ish items. I only wish I had more money to grow it. One of these days, if it ever gets done, I will publish my personal online Museum, of sorts. Ideally, I would like to donate my collection to a computer museum, but I don’t know if there is one around I would feel comfortable endowing at this point. I just don’t want my collection ‘savaged’, or lost.

I encourage others to act similarly, if they can. You could ‘go’ at any time.

Note that I have attempted to remove from The Archive any and all photos of nude females used as reference material for my 1802-based Sex Robot Project, but I can’t guarantee they have all been purged. If you do an InterWebs search, you will find that great strides have already been made in that arena, some of them already surpassing my own work, the end result probably not too far into our future now. I will most likely never complete the design and development of my 1802-based Sex Robot Project, but it was fun to work on for many years.


And, now, on with The Show.

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Hello World! http://www.mdcccii.com/bjou/2017/10/08/hello-world/ Sun, 08 Oct 2017 10:26:24 +0000 http://www.mdcccii.com/bjou/?p=1 Read More]]> “1803” is my new 1802-based b’jou. (web journal — pronounced bee-zhoo; as in a Bijou (cinema theater), as well as the definition of: a jewel, or something small, delicate, and exquisitely wrought)

I will be posting my 1802-based and other CRAV Computing research findings and other information here where I can control its publication, content, dissemination, and lifespan. This coincides with the further expansion and info- and data-populating of my website content.

1803 is a companion to my (William Donnelly’s) 1802-related hobbyist website at MDCCCII.

I am a CRAV Computing (Classic / Retro / Antique / Vintage) hobbyist, enthusiast, and collector, located in Northern California (“West Coast”) USA, and am a self-styled lay-researcher, historical archivist and information preservationist as it pertains to CRAV Computing, particularly focusing on the RCA COSMAC CDP1802 microprocessor. (anything and everything 1802)

My current, personal virtual archive (known as The Archive) is in excess of approximately 60 GB, uncompressed. (containing images, HTML web page snapshots, PDF and other documents, relevant historical information, etc.)

This b’jou will deal primarily with the RCA CDP1802 COSMAC microprocessor, but will also occasionally contain some general CRAV Computing information, as well.