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Rediscovering History’s Lost First Female Video Game Designer

This is a really nice article by Benj Edwards about Joyce Weisbecker, daughter of 1802 CPU creator Joseph Weisbecker. She is arguably the first female video game designer and programmer. It’s a good read and will be of interest to anyone interested in the 1802. (even to this day I am somewhat jealous of her opportunity and experience at the time)

60 GB 1802 Digital Archive, Other Content, & Problematic Issues

Read it… and weep. (or don’t bother reading this – whatever)

My 1802 Digital Archive is at about 60 GB now. (and growing… 99% +/- 1802-based – occasionally some general CRAV Computing information sneaks in — the information consists of images, HTML web page snapshots, PDF and other documents, relevant historical information, etc…..)

And you can’t have it, apparently. (due to ‘copyright’ issues, and complaints by a few ‘questionable’ people regarding the same, whose content actually typically tends to tend toward ‘crap’)

However, I have left instructions with ‘anonymous’ individuals (plural) that The Archive be publicly published upon my death. My Posthumous Manifesto.

So, no worries, it won’t be lost forever. (as so much, as much too much, has been, over time, never to be regained or recovered — which is partly why I am creating this archive and doing all of this, which takes way too many hours of blood, sweat and tears – luckily, I usually enjoy doing it — and, imo, it is very important work)