This is the 1802-related hobbyist website of William Donnelly.

William Donnelly is a CRAV Computing (Classic / Retro / Antique / Vintage) hobbyist, enthusiast, and collector, located in Northern California ("West Coast") USA. He is a lay-researcher, historical archivist and information preservationist as it pertains to CRAV Computing, particularly focusing on the RCA COSMAC CDP1802 microprocessor. (anything and everything 1802)

His current, personal virtual archive (known as The Archive) is in excess of approximately 40 GB, uncompressed. (containing images, HTML web page snapshots, PDF and other documents, relevant historical information, etc.)

This site deals primarily with the RCA CDP1802 COSMAC microprocessor, but also contains some general CRAV Computing information, as well.

The site's domain name, MDCCCII.com, represents the Roman numerals for 1802. M = 1,000 + D = 500 + C = 100 (× 3) + I = 1 (× 2) = 1802.